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If you are a Healthcare Intermediary and you are interested in Brokertools but would like to book a demonstration at your offices to get a better understanding of how this system will benefit you, please give us your information and we will contact you.

Frequently asked

How do we register?

All you need to do is to complete our FSP Installation Form and to send us high resolution images of your company logo and letterhead. You may also send us your Statutory Notice and a cover page if you would like the system to generate your Statutory Notice rather than a general one and if you would like documentation to be preceded by a branded cover page. We do the rest to build you a custom branded version of the software.

Will it grow my business?

With Brokertools Quote doing individual quotations, group quotations, Option comparisons, and sending documents takes a fraction of the time previously the norm. Potential clients get the information they require to make their decision quicker, packaged professionally and in an easy to understand format and are therefore more likely to follow your advice. With Brokertools CRM you keep track of your clients and their queries and are in a much better position to provide more superior service than competitors and can therefore better retain existing clients to free your time up to focus on new business.

How will it help us comply with FAIS?

Brokertools was developed to make Intermediaries comply with FAIS merely by using the system and following the steps in the process – effortlessly. The FSP installation process we undertake when a client subscribes to our service includes inputting all the disclosure information your clients need to be made aware of in output documentation when you provide them with advice.

How to select the right Scheme and Option for a client?

We developed a rating scale for some of the most important benefits of Medical Schemes and designed an easy to complete Needs Analysis as part of the quotation process. The system then identifies the most suitable products given the clients needs from all the products. This is given as a guide only since it is ultimately the Advisor who is responsible for the advice given.

Can large group quotations be done quickly?

Yes. We made it very easy to import member data for quotation purposes, set their current Option and choose alternatives. From there it is easy to generate a letter containing a contribution summary and a spreadsheet with a member-by-member contribution and subsidy breakdown.

Can the system record telephone calls and store audio files on a member profile?

Yes. There is no need anymore to store recordings on a remote server and need to know the time and date of the call to be able to retrieve it. Your telephone conversations with members are stored under Communications on the member profile.

How do we import our member data?

On Brokertools Quote you need to download a spreadsheet from the system, copy and paste the information in the spreadsheet and then import it. On Brokertools CRM we developed a field mapping tool and build intelligence into the system to recognise most of the Schemes’ monthly EPR reports. The fields that are not automatically recognised are then easily manually mapped to the correct fields in the system

What training and support is provided?

We have an online support functionality, help files designed to assist you when and where you get stuck and a telephonic helpdesk.

Can our Compliance company access and monitor advice given by our Representatives?

Your Internal and External Comliance Officers each get a link and a login to a dashboard where all quotations and queries where advice was given are displayed and can be reviewed and marked as ‘Reviewed and Approved’.

What Schemes are compared?

We compare all the registered Open Medical Schemes on the South African market as well as the Closed or Restricted Schemes Brokers often come across. Please speak to us if you would like to have a Closed Scheme summarised.

Can we manage staff performance with Brokertools?

Yes. The system generates reports on staff performance over any period of time. You can generate a report including information such as: Individual and Group quotations done, quotations concluded, comparisons generated, queries logged and finalised, queries finalised within SLA standards and much more.

Is the benefit information easy for clients to understand?

Yes. We summarise the Scheme information using 55 benefit criteria resorting under distinct headings such as, In-hospital cover, Out-of Hospital cover, Chronic cover, Scheme demographic and Financial information and Contribution information. It is easy for clients to compare the different products as they are displayed side by side, making the process of comparing the various benefits simple.

Is the information current?

Yes. We upload the Scheme information within 48 hours after the annual benefit launch of a Scheme and make changes as they are released through the rest of the year. Scheme documentation is also added as it gets updated and released.

Are quotations done on the system FAIS compliant?

Yes. Quotations generated with Brokertools contain all the required advice and disclosure information prescribed by the FAIS Act. This includes a Statutory Disclosure Notice, comparisons between products, contribution breakdown information, Scheme documentation and any other information you may choose to upload and attach.

Is the Year-end revision (YER) FAIS compliant if done electronically?

Yes. When a member receives a YER email link, the link takes the member through a short process where the member compares their current Option with next year’s default Option and can also compare upgrade and downgrade Options from amongst the Scheme or Schemes you allowed for. The member is taken through a process, which includes choosing an Option, ticking ‘I agree’ to disclaimers, and completing a Needs Analysis for the Record of Advce. At the end of the process the member receives a pdf document containing all the required disclosure information.

Do I have access to my members’ Year-end Revision information?

Yes. The system generates a report per batch of YER’s sent out of the system. This report provides you with all the information on what the member did on the system, including copies of the documentation generated by members.

How flexible is the CRM system to adapt to our terminology and workflow?

All the dropdown tables and processes used throughout the system was developed with healthcare servicing in mind. However, if you use different terminology in your FSP or use a different workflow, the system can be configured to reflect this.

Can we automate communication from the CRM to members?

Yes. In the admin panel you can instruct the system to send automated communications (Email or SMS) to members when certain conditions are present. You can formulate the messages and upload your Email signature or other images.

Is the system mobile?

Yes. You can access all the functionality of the Brokertools Quote and Brokertools CRM on mobile devices.

Is our client data secure?

Yes. We comply with South African as well as International data protection requirements, including FAIS, POPI, SaaS, Safe Harbour, ISO 27001, and CSA (Cloud Security Alliance).